About the game

iBitHub RACING is an exciting browser based MMORPG with Blockchain integrated.

This is the kind of game that will last you a lifetime, with ongoing action and no resets!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up and join the fun!

iBitHub (IBH) Blockchain Technology

This is a simple game, that you are trying to have the fastest car,

and rule the IBH world. You level up by racing other players,

but you must be faster than them to get that EXP.

Increasing your speed requires you to use Gas and will lower your RPM's.

Your Gas, RPM, and Energy will refill by itself over time.

Your RPM affects the amount of Speed you receive,

so raising your Max RPM will help you get more Speed.

The process where everyone is Leveling up,

will increase the circulation supply of our Game Fiat Money.

There is NO MAX SUPPLY of our Game Fiat Money,

where there is a MAX SUPPLY of 21,000,000 IBH.

If you hold a minimum of 5,000 IBH, you will recieve MASTERNODE REWARDS.

Current Masternode Reward is 0.01 IBH every 10 minutes. (No Difficult Setup)

We would like to THANK YOU for supporting iBitHub,

on our path to stand along with all the other GREAT Cryptocurrencies.